What is an Escape Game or Room?

If you’ve never played a real-life escape game, you’ll find it to be an adrenaline-filled hour of fun!  Here’s how it works: You and a group of your friends, coworkers, or family come to one of our game rooms where we will lock you inside for an hour! But the room is full of clues and puzzles. Your groups role is to be the detective squad that deciphers the clues and solves the puzzles which will lead to your escape. If you can do this in under an hour, you win the game!

Anyone can be the one who “gets it” and solves the next clue to save the day! Instead of watching the hero in a movie, YOU can be the hero!  Which game will your group attempt first?

Tick Tock® Escape Room Themes


Your rich Uncle Beasley has given you a chance to win a portion of his estate!  But he’s putting you to the test-  You’ll have to work together as a team if you’re going to solve all of the puzzles he’s laid out for you.

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You’re trapped inside an ancient Egyptian Pyramid!  You only have an hour until the locked tomb door is sealed for good.

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