Tick Tock – Frequently Asked Questions


What is an “Escape Game” or “Escape Room”?
Please see our explanation on our Escape Rooms page.

What makes Tick Tock Escape Games different than other escape games or rooms?
We are a local company, not a franchise.  We developed our games from scratch and they currently run only at our Overland Park location. Our escape rooms are of high quality and are lavishly decorated to transport you into another world, where you are trapped for an hour of exciting fun! We make extensive use of technology in order to make our games more interactive and fun. If you are visiting KC, Tick Tock offers you a chance to play unique, highly rated escape room games.  If you are a KC resident, you should come out and see what the home boys have built!  For more information about how our games were developed, see the About Us page.

Am I really locked in a room?
There is a game exit, and an emergency exit.  The emergency exit lets you out anytime needed.  There is no reason to feel claustrophobic.

What happens if I don’t get out in time?
We want everyone to see the full game, whether they can do it on time, or not.  When time allows, we will allow you a few extra minutes to finish things up.  When this is not possible, we will recommend that you take some extra hints toward the end of your game to help you finish within the hour.

When should I arrive?
We recommend that you arrive approximately 15 minutes before your game time to allow time for check in, restrooms, and game orientation.

Can I bring my cell phone or other device?
We will not separate you from your treasured property, but we do ask that you not use devices in our escape rooms for any reason.  If you get a call that you have to respond to, we invite you to step out in the hall to take your call.  When you are finished, you are welcome to rejoin the game.

Why the 12+ age restrictions?
Our games are family friendly, but some of the puzzles will require problem solving skills that many children under 12 have not yet developed.  Also, when purchasing a partial room that may be shared with other guests, the game works better without younger children in the room.   If purchasing a partial (less than capacity) room, we also request that there be at least one adult in your party for every two children under 18.  See exceptions next.

Are there any exceptions to the 12+ age restrictions?
Yes!  If a single party purchases an entire room of 6 or more, we will lift the age restriction.  This is helpful for families that may want to guide their children (recommended ages 7+) through the game and use it as a fun learning experience.

How many people should play a game at once?
We believe that a group of 6 players is the perfect size for our games.  This allows for enough diversity of knowledge, and ensures that each player has opportunities to contribute.  If your party is fewer than 6, we may fill up your group with other players. We want to maximize your fun!

What if I want to bring more people than 6 in a room?
Our rooms were designed to fit 6 adults comfortably, but if you have a group that is slightly larger than 6, we can bump the capacity up to 8 players.  To do this, book a private room for 6, and leave us a comment when you book on how many players you expect to bring (7-8).

Alternatively, if your group is larger than 8, you should consider our Escape Game Races below.

What are Escape Game Races?
We have two rooms for each of our games.  If you have a larger group, it’s fun to split your group into two teams, book two identical rooms, and race each other!  Guys against Girls, sales group against accounting, parents against teens, they all work!  You may book a dual room race online in our booking system, or you may call us at 913-396-9144 if you have questions or special needs for your race.

Can I schedule a game or a race at other times?
Yes!  We are happy to accommodate corporate or other groups during the work week.  Just call at 913-396-9144 to arrange the date and time for your event.

I am planning a large event.  What is your total capacity?
We have 4 running rooms that can accommodate 6-8 adults each, which gives us a capacity of 24-32 active game participants per hour.  If your group is larger than 32, let’s make it a party!  There are several ways we can stagger the games in order to plan an event that gives a larger number of people a chance to socialize and play a game.  Just call us, tell us about your group, and we’ll see what we can do to to plan a fun and memorable event for your group.