Beasley’s Billions is one of the most fun and challenging escape games around.  But you don’t have to take our word for it, the reviews are in, and they are fantastic!  (See our reviews page.)

In this game, you have been invited to your Uncle Beasley’s den for a chance to earn a portion of his estate.  But Uncle Beasley doesn’t make it easy – he has laid out an elaborate series of clues and puzzles for you to solve – and you only get one hour.  Your hour will fly by as you solve one clue after another- but which one will be the last clue that lets you escape?  Will you escape in time to win Beasley’s Billions?

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Online Reviews for Beasley's Billions

“Fantastic – We had 13 family members, two teams who raced against the clock and each other. We had so much fun! Family who hasn’t been together in over 7 years we laughed, we had anxiety, we had so much fun there aren’t enough words…  …GO HERE ITS GREAT!!”  Traci P

“Top of the line, fun and challenging! Our team may have failed to escape, but the trip was a success because we had a great time! Interesting and different challenges kept us on our toes, and the staff was very nice!”  Julie B

“Super Fun! If you are looking for something fun to do in the Overland Park – Kansas City area to do, this is it!!! I took 4 teenagers and they had a blast. It gets them to thinking and cool things happen when you figure out different codes! 🙂 Adults will like this as well!”  Cindy S

“We have been to 30+ escape rooms in 14 countries and Beasley’s Billions that we did tonight was BY FAR the best escape room we have ever been to!!!!!! Everything was far above the rest: the host, the clues, the flow of the room, the technology… I could go on and on…  …Highly highly recommended!!! We all came out with huge smiles!”  Jacki T

Product Name: Beasley's Billions Product Description: Escape from your rich uncle's den! Uncle Beasley wants to see if you are worthy to win a portion of his wealth. Your team will have a blast as you frantically work together to win Beasley's Billions! Product Image: Rating Value: 5 Total Reviews: 82 Reviews